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Should you need to find the middle value in a set of data in your spreadsheet without having to do it manually, Google Sheets has a function that does it instantly for you. Here’s how to use the MEDIAN function.

如果您需要在电子表格中的一组数据中找到中间值而不必手动进行操作,则Google表格可以立即为您提供此功能。 这是使用MEDIAN函数的方法。

Fire up Google Sheets and open a spreadsheet with datasets for which you want to find the median.


Click on an empty cell and type =MEDIAN(, [, ...]) into the cell or the formula entry field, replacing and with the values or ranges to consider for calculating.

单击一个空单元格,然后在该单元格或公式输入字段中键入=MEDIAN(, [, ...]) ,用要考虑的值或范围替换

The MEDIAN function in Google Sheets supports any number of arguments, and anything other than the first value is optional. It will look something like this:

Google表格中的MEDIAN函数支持任意数量的参数,除了第一个值之外的其他任何参数都是可选的。 它看起来像这样:


After you press the “Enter” key, the cell will now contain the median of the numbers you put in the function.

按“ Enter”键后,单元格现在将包含您在函数中输入的数字的中位数。

If you want to use a range of cells as values, it will look like this:



After you press the “Enter” key, the cell will contain the median value of the range you provided to the function.

按“ Enter”键后,单元格将包含您提供给该功能的范围的中值。

Some things to note about the MEDIAN function: Anything entered is sorted numerically, from the lowest to highest value, and?cells that are empty?excluding “0”?and that contain text will be ignored by the function.

有关MEDIAN函数的一些注意事项:输入的所有内容均按从低到高的顺序进行数字排序,并且该函数将忽略为空(不包括“ 0”)且包含文本的单元格。

The MEDIAN function returns the midmost value in a numerical dataset if the set contains an odd number of values. If you enter an even number of values, the MEDIAN function will estimate a response between the two center values.

如果集*媸鲋担騇EDIAN函数将返回数值数据集中的中间值。 如果输入偶数个值,则MEDIAN函数将估计两个中心值之间的响应。

For example, notice how we enter 36 values, none of which are “$31,” yet the function returns a median value of “$31.” This is because to find the median, the function adds the middle two numbers together and then divides by 2 to estimate the median.?So, behind the scenes, it calculates (30 + 32) / 2 = 31 to produce the result.

例如,请注意我们如何输入36个值,都不是“ $ 31”,但是函数返回的中位数是“ $ 31”。 这是因为要找到中位数,函数会将中间的两个数字相加,然后除以2以估算中位数。 因此,在后台,它计算( 30 + 32) / 2 = 31来产生结果。



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